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The #1 question we get is "what can I do?"

The real answer is that we sort of know, but we don't know! We're at a turning point globally, and we need to find another source of raw materials for our supply chains to continue to support the global economy into the future. We've never done this before.

Together, we can find opportunities to make changes. Together, we explore solutions and share what works. Together, we will rewrite the textbooks and redefine what supply chain means.

13-30 Oct 2022:

CSC Hackathon

We partnered with global, regional, and local companies to create a CSC showdown: can you take a real problem in a real supply chain, form a global team, and create a circular supply chain solution??

Advisory Services

No matter where you are on your circularity journey, challenges and questions and needs for innovative ideas will come up. We're all learning this together! Reach out to learn more about.

How do you want to take action?

Share it with us, and we'll do our best to make it happen

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