Connect With Your People


Look. We've got a lot of work to do. The good news is, there are others out there like you who love supply chain, get circularity, and want to put them together to make the world a better place AND improve our organizations AND future-proof our supply chains. Check out the ways you can connect with a growing, global supply chain network.

Global Roundtables

Every week we facilitate smaller group roundtables focused on different CSC topics. Join and explore!

Discussion Group

We have a dedicated space on LinkedIn for exploring different topics. Expand your network, and connect.


Do your colleagues have a lot of questions about CSC? Invite them to join one of our introductory webinars.

CSCN Party

Twice a month, we get together to have fun. Try your hand at this month's event, win prizes, and laugh together.

Excitement Around Events

"It was such a great session: dynamic and full of examples. Thank you very much to the Circular Supply Chain Network team!"

Natalí Aldana Haidar González


Excitement Around Events

"The CSCN events are always very insightful and provide an exciting platform to engage with some of the brightest minds. I’ve learnt quite a lot about the interesting role of supply chains in enabling and accelerating the transition to a circular economy, and had the opportunity of connecting with some of the most amazing circular supply chain enthusiasts from around the world at these events."

Harrison Ilodigwe


Excitement Around Events

"The event was my first proper introduction to circular supply chains and I learned how they operate from a practical, real-world perspective. My fellow learners on the call shared a diversity of insights and experiences which created many interesting discussions on the possible future of circular supply chains in a variety of fields and countries."

Justin Kyngdon


Excitement Around Events

"My biggest takeaway is really admitting that we caused the problem and have to find ways to fix it. Circular Supply Chain is complex and it's not going to be rectified overnight."

Jennifer White

United States of America

Excitement Around Events

"My first session! I found it engaging, dynamic and full of practical examples on identifying and managing value. I look forward to the next session already!"

Carolina Connor

United Kingdom


Discussion Group

5 Reasons To Join the Discussion Group
  1. Ask questions you have about circularity
  2. Leverage your LinkedIn connections to expand into new topics
  3. See the perspectives of others from around the world
  4. Build on each other's ideas for areas of focus
  5. Share what's working in your supply chain