Form the Future of Circular Supply Chains

Contribute to the knowledge base

Develop and share our perspectives on circular supply chains through research, interviews, or your own experiences and share those with CSCN members. It will take all of us in order to shift our operations from linear to circular and your ideas are critical additions to the CSC knowledge base!

Volunteer behind the scenes

We are all volunteers here at CSCN! Help us behind the scenes, running the CSCN organization. Form partnerships, identify new programs, create structure for members, and make sure all the little parts keep running - so CSCN Members can learn, connect, and take action.

Meeting people from around the world is a huge draw for me to continue to volunteer with CSCN. So far I've worked with people from six continents on what it means to lead a circular supply chain.


The concept of circular supply chain is so new that we're able to create ideas and perspectives that are fresh, innovative - and actually helpful to the supply chain community. The earth needs circularity, and so do the supply chains we all work in.


It's really fun to work with the team. They are inclusive and really focused on creating a community space for everyone around the world to contribute to the knowledge base, courses, and roundtables. I haven't been in an organization like this before.



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