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What is a Circular Supply Chain?

You asked, we listened! Together, we created a series of learning tools to grasp the basics of circular supply chains. We defined it, made a one-pager, short explainer video, and children's book!! Share these with colleagues!

Phases to Transition

We think there are phases that linear supply chains will go through to become more circular. As this space matures, we think these phases will also mature. For now, we use these are shared language so we can make progress, together.

Circular Supply Chain: 17 Common Questions

Check out this book from our founder Deborah Dull. In this approachable and fun read, she explores circularity and what it means for supply chain!

Learn about CSC at the Members Circle

Check out the short courses over at the Members Circle. We've created bite-sized content that address the top questions from CSCN Members.

We answer questions such as: what is a circular supply chain? why does it matter for my role? what's the urgency behind this idea?

Attend an Upcoming Webinar

We host free webinars so you can learn about circular supply chains, what it means for your work, how to get started, and what others are doing. These aren't boring! They are always interactive and you'll definitely learn something new.

Integrate CSC into your LinkedIn Feed

By far the easiest, lowest effort way to learn about circular supply chains! Follow our page on LinkedIn, and our updates about events, learnings, fun facts, articles, and examples will magically appear in your news feed.

Looking for more help?

Reach out to speak to a member of the Circular Supply Chain Network team.

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