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Our supply chains have to change the way we think about and manage materials. 100 billion tons of material enter the global economy each year - and supply chain professionals made the decisions, the deals, the orders and the logistics to put it there.

Done properly, we can lead a “just” transition to a circular economy. A “just” transition to a circular economy means more jobs, better use of natural resources, and an influx of $4.5 trillion for the global economy. For this to work, the supply chain community must come together to navigate (1) the changes to our profession and (2) how to catalyze and accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

As an early-stage organization, we are exploring partnerships opportunities with organizations around the world. Below are some ways to partner with CSCN, and we are open to additional ideas.

thought partnership

Does your team have a dynamic speaker willing to share their perspectives?

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Do you have content that can help supply chains shift their operations from linear to circular?

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Do our organizations have areas of overlapping work focused on circular supply chains?

Let's partner and go farther, together!

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