Volunteering with CSCN


member experience

Changing the way our supply chains operate takes a global, coordinated effort. Network members are at the heart of all of this, and we work to make sure they can learn what they are curious about, connect how they want to, and take action to go more circular.

Focus: connecting with members


We host global roundtables to facilitate discussion and new ideas, webinars to share perspectives, and a party to remind us to take a moment and play. Hosting these events take prep, planning and promotion so they are valuable for those who attend.

Focus: event coordination


The top request we get is for more courses and learning content. Circular supply chains are a new concept, and learning content is developed together with members and thought leaders. We identify and co-create these courses.

Focus: course development coordination

taking action

At the end of the day, we're all here for the same reason: to shift our supply chains from linear to circular operations. By doing this, we can save the planet, create jobs, and enable more equity and inclusive around the world.

Focus: connecting with members


Many organizations from all over the world are taking steps towards circularity. It will take all of us. Our partnership efforts focus on identifying and developing partnerships and sponsorships.

Focus: connecting with partners

project management

As a growing network, we have many ways we serve the circular supply chain community. As more supply chains focus on circularity, we'll have even more areas to help coordinate.

Focus: keep us moving forward!

Our team is...


We are open to new perspectives and welcome fresh ideas.


We ask questions and explore the answer rather than assume we know.


Our team is located around the world - time zones calculations happen often!


We're in this together - we collaborate on ideas and delivering experiences.

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